The Secret to Consistently Great Results –

Having a crystal clear vision of what you want your horse to do. 


  • HOW your horse will do the movement with his feet.
  • WHAT his body will look like – relaxed, balanced.
  • The FEEL of your horse doing the movement – soft, light, responsive.
  • The ENERGY output required by your horse – what pace is necessary to successfully accomplish the activity.

Now here is the exciting part…

When your vision is crystal clear and you then ask your horse to do something..

The quality of your ask, from your intention through to your actions remains consistently high…

Your communication is naturally confident because you KNOW what you want…

Because your communication is clear and confident your horse can relax into your leadership…

Because your horse can relax into your leadership, your horse will trust you and feel safe with you.

This is the secret to creating great results with your horse ALL the time! 

You know what you want your horse to do…  AND …you know what you don’t want your horse to do.

Even when your horse offers you the wrong thing, because your vision is so vivid you will be able to patiently encourage your horse to find the right answer, without your horse ever having to second guess you, without your horse having to feel lost or confused.

You will encourage your horse to think his way to understanding what you want.  With experimentation and if necessary, offer baby steps until your horse understands. Imagine how powerful learning this way will feel to your horse.

…the SECRET BONUS with communicating your vision;  It is a vital building block to creating a close and sustainable connection.