A little bit about me

I’m Louise Kropach, the creator of the Horse Sense for People program and numerous other horsemanship-based trainings. These programs over the years have been successfully helping hundreds of people realign themselves and create lives filled with meaning, purpose and joy. The impact has been wildly huge! Clients and horses being released from issues that have constrained them in some cases for years into vital, fun loving beings while feeling safe and embracing the freedom life now offers. Along the way I have helped corporate leaders and executives, business owners, children, Mums and Dads and a huge range of horse owners connect the dots between themselves and horses personally and professionally. What I get most excited about is when clients experience what a true heart based connection with another being is all about. How special it is to create a magic connection with a horse, feel the harmony, trust and love. Priceless stuff!

How I can help you

If you are tired of not getting results from the programs you have signed up for, imagine how your horse must feel? I get your frustration. The solution is actually very simple and it requires developing the ‘YOU’ factor in the partnership. Yes you can learn lots of skills and techniques and processes to get things done with horses. If the relationship is more important to you than being able to execute some perfect moves, then you need to consider something deeper. You see the level of understanding and awareness you have of yourself and how you need to be with your horse shows a direct reflection of the level of success you are able to create. What we do, think and feel creates the outcome, guaranteed. This is how I can help you, by raising your awareness and understanding of what you are putting out there and teach you how to reach your highest potential to be your beautiful authentic best. Would you love your horse to think that you are a hero, his knight in shining armour? Welcome to my world. I look forward to assisting you in your journey.

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