Know Yourself To Help Your Horse

Most horse owners genuinely want to do the best thing for their horses.  This means providing the horse with the best possible care, food and health.

What I see gets missed altogether is the EMOTIONAL well being of the horse.  The complete ‘wholistic’ health and wellbeing of the horse involves taking care of the mind, body and spirit.

I have witnessed nagging health issues disappear in horses when certain emotional issues have been addressed.  At the time it seems like a miracle! However taking care of the ‘whole’ horse will give you the gift of a close connection and successful working relationship.

It is much the same with people.  Often times when people come to me for help with their horse, I will start with developing the person first and the horse second.

In all my years of coaching horse riders, I have seen a lot of horse issues that can be directly attributed to the mental and emotional state of their owner.  Emotions are infectious, and easily transmitted.  We have all experienced how we can be in a good mood only to have it squashed when someone walks in the room ranting and raving about their day and now you stop smiling, feel a bit subdued even though its not your deal 🙁  Well it is the same thing with horses!

If you are interested in increasing your self awareness of your emotions and how to manage them effectively I am running some half day workshops in January:

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