Is this the missing link between success and failure with your horse?

Hey everyone!

As you know from my previous emails (if you are on my list!) and ebooks I have shared with you….the one single thing that changed EVERYTHING for me in creating a successful partnership with my horses was:

Understanding how I needed to be with my horse.

You see horses have very particular and specific requirements to accept us into their inner realm.

Without embodying and expressing these things with your horse, your ability to connect, be understood and create a successful partnership will be limited at best.  If you want a special, extraordinary experience with your horse then listen up!

The 5 Pillars Of Connection

1.  You must be calm in your demeanour.

2.  You must be quiet in your mind.

3.  You must be relaxed in your body.

4.  You must be present with self awareness in each and every moment.

5.  You must have clear and safe boundaries you stand by.

Having these 5 pillars constantly in operation when in the presence of your horse, you will start to see your horse want to be with you more, interested in you, calm down, look to your leadership.

Using these 5 Pillars of Connection will ensure that training and riding your horse will not be derailed by frustration, confusion and anxiety when things don’t go according to plan.

To Your Success!

Louise Kropach

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