You’ve come so far with your training but now you want to go to the next level. Let me re-energise your training program and give you fresh ideas to get you and your horse moving again with my online horsemanship and riding makeovers.

The time you spend with your horse is precious.  Make it work for you.

In these mini video courses I offer laser focused help with specific topics.

  • The theory to improve your understanding and get clear in your mind what it is all about.
  • I demonstrate the key components and activities so you can see what needs to be done with your horse.
  • Along with problem solving tips so you don’t get stuck.
  • Each mini course gives you the opportunity to email me twice for advice and help with the topic you are working on.
  • Self paced so you can take your time, practice often and get things really good with your horse.
The Pre-Ride safety checks

In this highly recommended class, you will learn how to work with your horse on the ground. Discover what key things to look for in your horse to know whether it is safe to get on. Learn vital information as to what determines whether you will have a great ride or a train wreck.  Encompassing five in depth videos on the different checks you can do with your horse to ensure you have planned for a safe ride EVERY ride.

Liberty Training Basics

In this class you will learn how to start Liberty training with your horse.  The 3 video class gives you the place to start and why this is important for your horse. The second video will help you develop the send, stop and energy in the gaits.  You will learn the one vital thing that will ensure you and your horse have fun, after all you can’t hope to dance with your horse if it isn’t fun! The third video will reveal all the pieces of the puzzle so your basic liberty training will be fantastic.

The Secrets to Great Communication

This class will give you an in depth look at how to communicate the way your horse needs you to speak to him AND how to listen to your horse.  Without great communication skills trying to get things done with horses or anyone for that matter becomes pretty difficult without resorting to questionable tactics if we feel we are not being understood or heard.  In this class I will open my special tool box and reveal everything I have learned over the years from the hundreds of horses I have worked with.  This one is really special so sign up now!