Build a path to success with your horse FAST! If you have something exciting you want to accomplish in a short time frame, I will create a program designed specifically for you and your horse that will propel you to your goal.

My Fast Track to Success program is designed for when you want to focus hard and go for something with all your heart.  Like getting a solid foundation in ground work with your horse.  Or you are sick and tired of where you are with your horse and you are ready for an overhaul.

You need a fast, effective transformative path that is filled with tangible actions you can take, a partner-in-crime and most of all a reality check.

Fast Track to Success is by design a short term, mega-watt deal.  What breakthrough are you champing at the bit to create?

My personal guarantee: If at the conclusion of our program you feel that you didn’t get the value you expected, simply let me know and you will get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. I am that confident that you will receive unforgettable value from our time together. That’s my promise to you.

I will send you an email within 24 hours to schedule our first chat session or Skype call at your convenience, generally Monday through Friday.

Once the Fast Track to Success program is complete, I will make contact with you in the following week to check-in and ensure it all integrated.

Here is what’s involved:

  • We will have an initial chat or email where you explain what you are looking for and want to accomplish along the way.  If our sessions are by skype, you will need to set up a YouTube account to post your videos for me to check twice weekly.
  • Please note: Skype sessions are ONLY available for horse owners.  If you don’t have your own horse you will need to do the program in person with one of my horses.
  • I will design a custom made program for our twice weekly sessions together for five weeks.
  • Each week we will meet for two 90 minute sessions and go through your special program.  You may also receive homework to do in between sessions, so be prepared to allow time.
  • The best part is, in between sessions you can send me emails, videos to ask questions etc until we meet for our next session.  You get to pick my brain on anything related to our project.
  • At the end of the 5 weeks, I will send you a written summary by email of the project and attained results for your reflection and further reference.